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Our vision is to build healthier, higher performing Canadian population and organization at a time.

As Canada's first and only workplace health and performance association, we support practitioners and workplaces with simple, evidence-informed, cost-effective education, resources and certification to build healthy, high performing work cultures. We do this on a not-for-profit basis while advocating for the profound impact well-being has on performance for individuals, organizations and our nation.

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Wellness Works Canada

Welcome to our sister resource website that connects you with simple, effective, evidence-informed tools and resources to support you in building healthy, high performing work cultures. To get to the main site head on over to


Resources, Education and Tools

Wellness Works Canada connects practitioners and organizations to simple, cost-effective, results-based, evidence-informed resources to improve performance through health. To shift organizational culture, try the following reputable and trusted resources. 


.Our model was developed from a rigorous review of effectiveness of six well known workplace wellness frameworks and best practices in comparison to strategy management, organizational effectiveness and human resource strategy theories. It bridges the gap between employee well-being, broader human resource and performance strategies allowing for greater efficiency and integration. This framework builds on key success factors that include integration, leadership support,  communication and adequate resources. The accompanying guide aligns with the Psychological Health and Safety Standard.


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Resources, Education and Tools

We connect practitioners and organizations with simple, cost-effective, results-based, evidence-informed training, tools, education, resources, and more to build healthy, high performing work cultures. Try the following reputable and trusted resources. Become a member to access more tools, get connected and get recognized.